Weighty Matters…

My back has been out for a week solid now. I could hardly stand up straight even yesterday. And yet when my friend Brandi called and asked if I wanted to take a walk with her this morning I jumped at the chance to get out of the house. Even though my back was telling me I shouldn’t do it. Not to do it even.. lol. I got out and we walked about 2 miles (about a  30 minute walk) and let me tell you I felt every step I took. My back tightened up and felt like it was going to let me down but I pushed though the sore ache to find the fortitude to take each step. When I got through with my walk I felt accomplished and exhilarated.

I forgot that walking helps to clear your head and it relaxes your mind.  I realized while I was walking today that I didn’t just need the walking to clear away the layers of fat I have been hiding behind for years. I needed the walk to help clear away the stress that is apart of my day everyday. You see when you have a child a with a disability and then another family member falls ill and then another and so on and on.. you lose yourself and when you do you forget that you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of those you love most.

I wish I had known this all along. And though my back is still sore and stiff a little, I wish I had known that the secret to feeling this good was simply just taking a walk.


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  1. This does make sense & sounds so good 2 me & I’m not even a outside person but TODAY I am gonna go take a walk w/ my girls.Thank u!Will let ya know how it went!We need 2 have some 1 on 1 anyway!By the way I am Rexs or Tanks sister.Don’t know which name u know him by!

    • sorry it took so long to answer. I call him Tank. I’m glad I inspired you to make a change. I can already see a few changes. My clothes are fitting better for one thing.. lol. Tell Tank I said hello. Michelle does too but she’s living with her boyfriend and he’s a jealous man. I hope we hear from you guys soon!. I’ll look for you on facebook and send a message there in case you don’t get this one.

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